Life Style

Lifestyle Coaching Pakages
Do you want to get more out of your life and career, by increasing your energy and productivity levels?
Do you want to feel more engaged in the things and with the people you love?
Do you want to feel supported, encouraged and equipped with guidance and information to help you create the healthy lifestyle you want?
Refresh + Revive Kick-starter Package
  • 1 Intake and 2 Follow-Up Visits
  • Evaluation of current diet/ lifestyle and health goals
  • Personalized nutrition and exercise plan
  • Supportive lifestyle recommendations
  • Ideal for those who need a few tweaks to their healthy life
  • You know your health needs a shake-up and you are keen to start making changes ASAP
Live Your Life Healthfully Package
  • 1 Intake and 4 Follow-Up Visits
  • Evaluation of current diet/ lifestyle and health goals
  • Supportive lifestyle recommendations
  • Weekly email check-ins
  • Ideal for those who may have some emotional/health
  • challenges that need more targeted support
  • Transform how you feel and ease your struggle with food,/exercise/body image.
  • 3 month commitment with weekly check-ins
  • Evaluation of current diet/lifestyle and health goals
  • Supportive supplement suggestions
  • Supportive lifestyle modifications
  • You have one or more health or wellness issues
  • You want long-lasting success
  • You want to invest in your long-term health and wellness
  • You desire support on your path to whole health
About Pivotal Transitions
Pivotal Transitions Coaching and Consulting was established in 2005 by Piper Abodeely, Principal. The company is headquartered in Sonoma, California and offers coaching and consulting to individuals, teams and organizations around the country.