What is e.n.g.a.g.e. your life!™?

e.n.g.a.g.e. your life!™ is a dynamic program centered on gaining clarity and confidence through a six step interactive process. Our motivation is to offer a process that compliments career service centers and young adult centered programs—providing a foundation for young adults to gain both clarity and a strong sense of personal leadership in order to manifest and create powerful results in their next life transition.

Since introducing the program, the e.n.g.a.g.e. your life!™ team has partnered with Universities such as University of Washington, Seattle University, and ITT institute to deliver the e.n.g.a.g.e. your life!™ process. Additionally, they have partnered with Paragon Guides out of Vail, Colorado to offer a summer week long outdoor adventure program exploring personal leadership.

Through the development process the e.n.g.a.g.e. your life!™ team identified 4 key elements that promote growth and discovery and ensure participant success:

  1. Create a "wow" factor—the language, activities, and curriculum must resonate with college age students.
  2. Enroll course facilitators who can still very much relate to the college "experience," but also have the qualifications to lead, inspire, and deepen a desire for personal leadership.
  3. Deliver a program that will engage the process of discovery and activate the clarity and desire for personal and professional growth.
  4. Sustain. Create a simple and effective process to sustain long term growth.

This workshop is not only an opportunity, but a stepping stone to claim ownership that will continue throughout one's life. It is our hope, and more than that, our passion, to inspire and experience this growth and transformation in young adults.