Assessment Offerings

DISC ASSESSMENT: Effective communication provides the foundation for all successful personal and professional relationships. The DISC Reports are designed to allow you to better understand your own behavioral and communication style as well as identify the styles of all those around you. When we communicate effectively, we succeed. The DISC focuses on "HOW" you got about doing what you do. This refers to your observable behavioral style and how you are perceived by others.

WORKPLACE MOTIVATORS ASSESSMENT: The second report commonly run answers the question of "WHY" you do what you do. In other words, what are your values? What drives you? In my experience, the people that are clear on their values and orient their careers around their passions are the most successful in every sense of the word. There's no need to get "motivated" when you are passionate about what you are doing! However, many people do not know where to start in identifying their values. This is where the PIA&V™ (Personal Interests, Attitudes, and Values) report proves so valuable. This instrument goes a long way to crystallize and clarify the forces within us that drive us to behave as we do. When you have this information, you hold the map to chart your future success.

CAREER PLANNING ASSESSMENT: The SI report, Successful Career Planning, identifies specific talents and behaviors inherent in an individual. Success and job satisfaction come easier the closer the job matches an individual's natural behavioral style. The Successful Career Planning report offers a system to capitalize on the individual's talents, as well as their potential strengths and specific value to the organization. The report also provides a list of potential occupations that may suit the individual's natural behavioral style.

HDRQ COMMUNICATION STYLE ASSESSMENT: Uncover preferred styles of verbal and nonverbal communication with the fast and fun What's My Communication Style?. Using a 24-item inventory, participants will learn their preference for one of 4 communication styles, recognize the various facets of communication, and learn how to use their own style to enhance communication.

HDRQ LEADERSHIP STYLE ASSESSMENT: Current theory suggests that different situations require different leadership styles. In fact, the most successful leaders are those who are able to adapt their style to the unique demands of the situation. By responding to the 20-item What's My Leadership Style? inventory, participants will learn their preference for one of four styles and find out how to adapt each style to different situations.